SET -2

1) Which of the following countries is the world’s largest emitter of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere?

a) China                      b) America

c) Russia                    d) India

2) Who is Stanley McChrystal?

a) Commander US forces in Afghanistan           b) Head of the US Central Command (CENTCOM)

c)NATO Commander in Afghanistan                 d) None of these

3) The headquarters of Green Peace International is located at:

a) Vancouver                      b) Amsterdam

c) London                           d) Paris

4) The oldeest internet search engine among the following is:

a) Google                             b) MSN Search

c) Yahoo                              d)

5) The power generating capacity of Diamer-Basha Dam would


a) 3450 MW                       b) 3800 MW

c) 4500 MW                      d) None of these

6) ANTARA is the news agency of:

a) Indonesia                     b) Malaysia

c) Turkey                           d) None of the these

7) The largest opium producer province in Afghanistan is:

a) Helmand               b) Nangarhar

c) Badakhshan         d) None of these

8) Silk Air is an airline of:

a) Sri Lanka                     b) Switzerland

c) Singapore                  d) China

9) Channel Tunnel is an under sea rail tunnel linking:

a) England and Ireland                        b) England and France

c) France and Germany                       d) None of these.

10) The Strait of Malacca is the main shipping channel between the India Ocean and:

a) The North Pacific Ocean               b) South Pacific Ocean

c) South Atlantic Ocean                     d) None of these

11) The recently published book ” Between Dreams and Realities” is written by:

a) Shamshad Ahmad Khan                       b) Gohar Ayub

c) Sahibzada Yakoob Ali Khan                d) None of these

12) The largest Agency of FATA by population is:

a) Bajaur Agency                         b) North Wazirstan

c) South Waziristan                   d) None of these

13) Which of the following categories of Nobel Prise was established in 1968?

a) Medicine                                   b) Literature

c) Economics                                d) None of these

14) Total cultivable Land of Pakistan is approximately:

a) 80 million hectares                             b) 120 million hectares

c) 150 million hectares                        d) None of these.

15) Who is Francois Fillon?

a) Prime Minister of Italy                    b) President of Germany

c) Foreign Minister of France             d) None of these

16) The largest island in Indian Ocean is:

a) Sri Lanka                                          b) Sumatra

c) Madagascor                                      d) None

17) 3 May is observed Internationally as:

a) Environment Day                            b) Population Day

c) Press Freedom Day                          d) None of these

18) 2016 Summer Olympics will be held at:

  1. a) Sydney                         b) Madrid
  2. c) Chicago                       d) Rio de Janerio

19) Kyat is the currency of:

a) Nepal                            b) Myanmar

c) Bhutan                         d) None

20 Environment Treaty Kyoto Protocol will be expired in:

a) 2012                      b) 2014

c) 2015                      d) None of these


 1.where is kalabagh dam?

           Ans:on the Indus River at Kalabagh in Mianwali District

2.profession of fatimah jinha?


3.when did joind quaid e azam m l.?


4.presidnt of india?

         Ans:pertiba patil

5.i m f mean?

         Ans:international monetary fund

6.where is head quratr of world bnk?

         Ans:Washington, DC

7.mhd ali johr buried in?

        Ans:born in england and burried in Jerusalem (Bait-ulMaqdus

 8.whch countr in the north of pakista?


9.pak major export?


10.location of pakistan in asia regiön?


11.hijri saal ka duration?

        Ans:cuurent 1433 AH

12.safar taif mn hazur pak k sath kon sy shabi thy?

        Ans:zaid bin haras

13.quran pak mn kis sahabi ka zikar h?

        Ans:zaid bin haras

14.najashi k samnay kis sahabi ny taqreer ki?

       Ans: jafar tayyar

15.where is wambildon tanis ground?

       Ans: england many seats in senate of pak?

      Ans: 104

17.sad berg k writer ka name?

      Ans: sad barg, khusbo, parween shakar

 18.qurtaba ka qazi k writer ka name?

     Ans:Imtiaz Ali taj

19.bait ul muqadas kis k dor mn fateh howa?

    Ans: Hazratazrat  umar

20.gawadar kis provance mn h? balochistan