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Today we Tell you most interesting facts about Legend Garrincha

Garrincha’s full name is Manuel Francisco dos Santos. Garrincha signifies ‘little bird’.Garrincha persevered through a harsh adolescence as his dad was a dipsomaniac.

He had different imperfections amid birth – twisted spine, left leg bended inwards and was 6 cm shorter, right leg bowed outwards. He was generally shorter than alternate children his age – henceforth, the moniker.

Football Legend

Garrincha was a gifted footballer however had no enthusiasm for seeking after a vocation in it.

Garrincha has been a piece of the FIFA World Cup winning group twice – 1958 and 1962.

Football Legend

Amid the 1962 quarter last amongst England and Brazil a stray puppy ran onto the pitch making a disturbance, up until Jimmy Greaves figured out how to take a few to get back some composure of it, This occurrence was so entertaining to Garrincha that he went ahead to keep the canine as his own particular pet. He named him ‘Bi’.

In 1962 World Cup, Garrincha was red checked amid the semi last match however was still permitted to play in the last after the Brazilian government disagreed with FIFA. Brazil went ahead to win the glass that year.

He is in some cases known as the ‘Overlooked Hero’ in football, essentially on the grounds that his ascent was at the same time taken after by the section of another football awesome – Pele.

FIFA depicted Garrincha as ‘The Chaplin of Football’.

Garrincha has played 50 universal amusements for Brazil and scored 12 objectives.

Football Legend

His honors incorporate the Golden Ball and Golden shoe at the 1962 World Cup, FIFA World Cup All Star group in 1958 and 1962.

He was positioned at number 20 on the rundown of World Soccer’s Greatest Players of the twentieth century in 1999